Kid’s Craft: Coloring Pasta

coloring pasta - waiting while it sits

I don't know how it is possible, but my children seem to catch the same cold week after week. Runny noses, watery eyes, projectile sneezing, shortness of breath... excessive whining (a symptom they don't list in the medical books). These symptoms last for at least a week... and then, hallelujah, it all seems to clear up. Unfortunately, we only get two or three mucus-free days before it all Continue Reading

Swimsuits… Oy Gevalt!

bathing suit

What is "oy gevalt," you ask? Think oy vey times 10. Or just think of how trying on swimsuits makes you feel... then you will understand. Last year, I bought my first swimsuit in over 20 years. I am so self-conscious about my body that I haven't even worn shorts or tank tops in 20 years. But with two boys in the house who love water, I realized I simply had no choice. This year, I am adding Continue Reading

Saying “Oy Vey” at Least Once a Day


Oy Vey is a Yiddish phrase of exasperation or consternation. It comes from the phrase, “oy vey iz mir,” meaning “oh woe is me.” As a mother of two boys under the age of four, I have at least one "oy vey" moment every single day. My boys are typical boys, so I imagine every member of the village helping to raise them has had many an “oy vey” moment when dealing with them - grandparents, aunts, Continue Reading

Amynah (Guest Blogger)

Amynah and Family 2

  I am a 34-year-old stay-at-home mom with a 9-year-old daughter & a 3-year-old son. They are the reason I spend most of my days in the car... for car pool, swim practice, student council, piano, soccer, and the list goes on... I love to travel, and if I could, I would show my kids the world. I have been married for 12+ years to a computer geek, who has been encouraging me for Continue Reading


Our Family

Mr. Incredible: Great dad, super husband, lousy at smashing spiders (unless they're really slow). Runner, photographer, gardener, explorer, Coke bottle collector, etc... Guest Blogger on Oy Vey a Day. Primary Blogger for and   Continue Reading